International Women’s Day

The first week of March is a celebration of women in construction;

According to GMB Union women make up around 12.5% of construction industry professionals, just one in every eight workers are female.

MiCiM want to change attitudes towards women working in the industry, we want to create further gender equality in our business and support personal development and career progression for our female employees. A third of MiCiM’s workforce is female, which is more than double the industry percentage. We plan to shorten the gap.

It’s incredibly important to celebrate women’s achievements, raise awareness against bias and take action for equality.  Having a supportive culture enables the women within our business to showcase their strengths. A lot of our female team have changed roles to suit their capabilities and challenge their strengths; we have women working in leadership roles in the Commercial team, Project Management, Health and Safety, Planning, PMO, Marketing, Accounts and HR.

MiCiM’s commitment to creating positive change:

Our Mission

We want to support the ambition of creating gender equality within the construction industry and our commitment in doing is at the core of our values. We will achieve this by supporting, promoting and championing the women in our workplace, providing equal opportunities for all. MiCiM promotes a culture of inclusion, respect, opportunity and dignity, as part of our vision in becoming the employer of choice for females looking for a challenging and rewarding career in the construction industry.

Equality and Diversity at MiCiM

At MiCiM, we consider that equality means breaking down barriers, eliminating discrimination and ensuring equal opportunities and access for all individuals both in employment and business relationships.

We consider diversity to mean celebrating difference and valuing everyone. Each person is an individual with visible and non-visible differences and by respecting this everyone can feel valued for their contributions which is beneficial not only for the individual but for MiCiM also.

MiCiM believes that the working environment should at all times be supportive of the dignity and respect of individuals. We have FIR (Fairness, Inclusion and Respect) Ambassadors within the business who help to make our workplace better for everyone.

Championing Women in Construction

MiCiM consistently provide support to women who want to work in the construction industry and offer rewarding and challenging careers, training and development opportunities, and career progression for those aspire to these goals.

We offer opportunities for flexible working patterns, wherever operationally feasible, to help employees to combine a career with their domestic responsibilities. We also offer an enhanced maternity leave policy and offer childcare support to women returning to the workplace.

We have a great mentorship scheme, where highly experienced and knowledgeable staff, coach their mentees, sharing skills, expertise and best practice. We have some fantastic female mentors who are the best in what they do including project management, commercial management, marketing, communications and business processes.

MiCiM will continue to champion and support women, Jeff Hunter commented, “The drive for women in construction has also been embraced fully by our business we have a truly fantastic team of women in our business, Young Engineers, Project Managers, Commercial Managers, Document Controllers, Administrators and Business Processes Managers. MiCiM’s female colleagues are all self-motivated and amazing they bring a different dimension to our approach and are truly inspiring to everyone around them, best of all is they really want to learn, are pleasant to deal with and strive for perfection in everything they do.”

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