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Mission Critical Management

MiCiM was established in 2016 to provide a focused end to end, hands-on, project management and construction delivery service, working with our clients to develop their best in class Mission Critical facilities in an open, honest and collaborative manner.

With over 500 years of Data Centre experience in the team, we are suitably qualified to offer an approach that will provide certainty of delivery and a high quality finished product of which we can all be proud. MiCiM are an engineering based business working in many different sectors including; Data Centres, Laboratories and Manufacturing. Our experience has shown us that the key to the successful delivery of the very best Mission Critical projects lies in the trust, knowledge and long-term relationships amongst the entire project team from the client and design team through to the supply chain and the site operatives.

In 2022 MiCiM acquired Operational Intelligence who work with clients to optimise their data centre risk and energy performance since 2011. Using innovative methodology which involves holistic analysis combining theory with practical application and a collaborative approach by offering consultancy services and training in risk and energy assessments to help operational teams minimise their total cost of ownership, they also offer services throughout the project cycle including working with clients to develop a basis of design, design peer review and commissioning consultancy.

Our combined experience and expertise gives clients access to specialist data centre professional services where our combined knowledge and abilities enhance each individual entity. Our brands are synonymous with complete Data Centre solutions, from design brief, through design to project completion and operational optimisation. We lead the industry in engineering expertise from strategic sustainable design development following through to implementation.

MiCiM International, a wholly owned subsidiary of MiCiM Ltd, was established in August 2022 and is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. It plays a pivotal role in our global expansion strategy, boasting a dedicated team of industry experts and a robust network, under the leadership of Country Lead, Chris Dorrian. With a focus on delivering exceptional results and offering tailored solutions to meet the diverse needs of clients worldwide, MiCiM International is poised to strengthen MiCiM’s presence in international markets.

In line with our expansion efforts, MiCiM Italia was inaugurated in 2023, marking our initial venture into the European marketplace. Our office, along with its support team, was established in Milan in early 2024, serving as the cornerstone of our operations in Southern Europe.

Leveraging our extensive network and proficient teams, we have the capability to assist our clients in engaging with local suppliers to execute developments while honoring and respecting local culture.



Our Mission Statement:

We will be collaborative, open, honest and fair. We forge long standing relationships with clients and suppliers to ensure whenever anyone is asked who their choice of trusted partner is, MiCiM is top of the list.

Client Focused Business

We have the experience and expertise to build Mission Critical facilities. However, we feel that our flexible 'can do' attitude focusing on delivering projects to meet and exceed client's expectations will help forge long lasting relationships with clients, design teams and suppliers.

Collaborative Approach

MiCiM promote and embrace a collaborative, working relationship with all project stakeholders. In our experience, team work is the only way to successfully deliver projects to the satisfaction of all parties. There will always be challenges on a project - only by collaboratively working through these as a team, will a project succeed.

Forward Thinking

By the time projects go through their lifecycle from the feasibility stage to completion, technology often leapfrogs the build process - that is why it is so important to take time and look where you are heading. This is also relevant to working relationships, team building and management techniques - we feel we can bring a unique approach to each and every project.

Our Accreditations


MiCiM Values and Standards

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