Health & Safety

Work Safely, Don’t Risk it!

Health & Safety


MiCiM want to prove to our stakeholders, customers and employees that we are not only aware of our health, safety and welfare obligations, but are actively identifying and managing the risks that are associated with our business activities in line with current best practice. We want to impress on all those attending out site that this must be high priority for them, and so we have developed these campaigns to instil the right attitude and focus whilst on our sites. None of this is new, and the message is simple, but it’s importance cannot be overstated.




Ever since the business was started MiCiM have been keen to ensure our environmental impact is positive. I think we all understand that the worlds resources are limited, that we need to live sustainably and that we can make a difference if we take responsibility. We are keen to spread this message to all stakeholders across our projects and so we have developed our environmental campaign to publicise and champion this cause. Tying this into our Health and safety campaign the “Don’t Risk It” message seemed to ring true and so was adopted for both.

Mental Health

Every day, many people suffer from poor mental health which affects their overall wellbeing, including their physical health and their ability to cope with day-to-day life. Mental ill health is when someone develops a diagnosable problem related to their mental health, such as an anxiety disorder, depression, or an eating disorder, or experiences less severe symptoms such as low mood or mild anxiety which could worsen if ignored. Stress is a fact of life for many people, but it can also be the cause or result of the result of mental health problems such as depression, anxiety and eating disorders. 

According to the World Health Organisation, someone suffering from mental ill health may not be able to cope with the normal stresses of life, not work productively and fruitfully, and may be unable to make a contribution to their community.

Around 1 in 6 employees experience mental ill health each year. Whilst the reasons behind it are not always work related, it is important that employers and their staff know how to address mental ill health and support one another.

MiCiM has a supportive network with numerous trained mental health first aiders available to offer support to all.

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