Covid Committee

With Covid-19 still a major consideration as to how we need to adjust to working on site safely, MiCiM have put in place many extra safety controls to make sure everyone who works on one of our projects feels safe to do so. Our major construction project in Ireland has established a Covid committee which is run by our Health, Safety & Environmental Manager, Mick Gill. The Covid committee review all the safety procedures and policies we have in place and discuss putting in any new controls that may be required. On this particular project we check every person who attends the project sites temperature upon arrival twice, we have hand sanitiser dispensers placed throughout the site, with Covid Marshals checking and replenishing stock levels throughout the day. All the Covid Marshals and Compliance Officers have to undertake COVID-19 CIF Compliance Officer training and all the security guards on site are undertaking extra training to ensure they’re able to correctly record temperatures. Our welfare and canteen areas are segregated to allow workers to stay 2 meters apart and the site offices desks are spread out and  extra signage is displayed throughout to remind people to maintain social distancing.

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