Launching MiCiM Italia

MiCiM is an engineering-based business working in many sectors, including Data Centres, Laboratories, and Manufacturing. Our experience has shown us that the key to the successful delivery of the very best Mission Critical projects lies in the trust, knowledge, and long-term relationships amongst the entire project team from the client and design team through to the supply chain and the site operatives.

With that in mind, we’re excited to announce that we are launching MiCiM Italia, a wholly-owned subsidiary of MiCiM Ltd and our first stepping stone into the European market.

Why Italy? Well, we are already working there with a longstanding client, and from that and with lots of research we see the potential for huge DC/Mission critical growth in this country. We also have Italian-speaking employees who are excited to work there alongside local support teams who all see the value in investing in this market.

Where in Italy: We’re targeting Milan as our main hub in country, this week our leadership team is there looking to establish a permanent office base and to meet clients, consultants, and suppliers to spread the word and further develop those relationships. 

Through engagement with our clients, and our supply chain, we understand the pain points of delivering developments in new countries and regions. Our fresh approach allows us to move quickly to support our client’s expansion plans while respecting the local culture, economy, and supplier ecosystem. Because of our extensive experience and network, we can support our clients to engage with local suppliers who want to become mature suppliers in specific sectors. 

Since 2016 we have been providing our clients with sector-focused end-to-end, hands-on, project management, technical, and construction delivery services to reduce build and operational costs. Our Operational Intelligence team (OI) support clients and investors in achieving their ESG and Net Zero sustainability objectives.

Next steps… we’re not stopping with MiCiM Italia, we’re looking at expanding further to cement our position in Europe, we’re targeting another country towards the end of Q4, so watch this space…

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