Meet Our PM’s

After our exciting announcement earlier this week of our lineup for Data Cloud Global Congress in Cannes this year, we’re thrilled to introduce our project managers to you. Let’s get better acquainted!

Villie Xeni

Operations Manager at #MiCiM. Villie has a technical background in mechanical engineering, and started her career in building services sector, with projects in London. She joined MiCiM as a Project Manager and has been working in data centre projects in the UK and EMEA for over 3 years. Villie’s focus is the client-side project management, in particular assisting the clients to gain confidence in the construction delivery process while achieving their goals within their budgetary- and time constraints, with risk mitigation in the forefront. Villie joins Will Clark to support clients with early engagement across EMEA.

Villie is passionate about finding ways to bridge the skills gap in the construction industry and improve the image of construction to attract talent to support the transition into sustainable digital infrastructure.

Outside of work, Villie enjoys foodie destinations and plays sports involving rackets of any kind.

Will Clark

Executive member of #MiCiM International and lead of #MiCiMItalia. With over 20 years’ experience working within leading global consultancies, and 30 + years’ experience in project management for commercial and public sector clients, he’s focused on developing and delivering MiCiM’s #StrategicConsultancyServices to meet the needs of our customers across EMEA. He champions for early engagement with the local supplier ecosystem to build lasting relationships and maximise the benefits to both our customers and the countries we operate in. MiCiM are raising awareness around the exciting opportunities within the Mission Critical sector, especially within the data centre sector, therefore he is helping MiCiM to drive our educational outreach programmes and STEM subjects.

Outside of work, having initially grown up on a sheep farm in Scotland, he still has an interest in engines and just loves the mountains.

Both will be in Cannes, eager to connect with our industry colleagues, clients, and consultants. They’re ready to delve into how MiCiM can fulfill your project needs. Let’s chat!




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