MiCiM appoints Operations Board

As MiCiM grows we have seen the need to appoint a new level into the senior management structure, forming the operations level, we’re happy to announce we’ve appointed individuals who have shown great potential, forward thinking attitudes and great value to the company, bringing experience in leadership and in their own areas of expertise, we are excited to utilise their potential in achieving our strategic goals as a business.

The new operations level includes the following:

Alison Newell – Head of Business Operations
Bengisu Uygur – Operations Manager (Planning)
Garry Dryburgh – Operations Manager (Technical)
Lisa Taylor – Operations Manager (Commercial)
Martin Butcher – Operations Manager (Construction)
Samuel Beardwell-Lacey – Operations Manager (PM)
Steve Francklin – Operations Manager (MEP)
Villie Xeni – Operations Manager (PM)

We’re also delighted to have a 50/50 split of male-to female-appointees at the operation level, thus further pushing our goals forward to create an equal workforce and appoint more women into senior positions. We’re extremely excited to see how this team develops and how they will champion our core values, standards, and ethics and lead by example by being MiCiM cultural ambassadors.

Please see our recent changes to our senior team on our people page.

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