MiCiM engage with students at UTC Reading

Last Thursday, MiCiM Project Manager, Villie Xeni volunteered her time to help students from UTC Reading develop their interview skills by taking part in mock interviews.

Villie dropped in to help the UTC Reading organisers by speaking with a number of students using a set list of questions as a guide. Working with the students they discussed how best to approach answering the questions posed as though it were a real life situation. She helped to guide them on how best to prepare their answers and justify their reasoning. Many of the students felt they would want to work in an open, collaborative, fair environment fitting in with MiCiM’s values. Villie was able to offer detail about her career and how she has gotten to her position today to hopefully spark imagination on where the students future could lead.

We look forward to continuing to develop our relationship with Activate Learning Education Trust to help shape the minds of the future.


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