MiCiM Safety Observation Reporting

Earlier this year MiCiM formerly launched our SOR rewards scheme across all our projects to encourage contractors on site to continuously monitor safety, look out for best practice and make any suggestions for improvement in these areas.

The aim is that MiCiM wish to both encourage and reward contractors, sub-contractors and staff for the reporting of any on-site health and safety issues that have not been previously identified. It is important for MiCiM to identify any potential health and safety risks and hazards so that they can be eliminated, or the level of associated risk reduced to ensure the safety of all when working on-site.

If a potential health and safety issue is identified, this can be reported by any of the following channels (depending on project setup):

  • On-site suggestion box
  • Procore audit or suggestion via Procore
  • Report directly to the on-site health and safety committee representative or management team
  • Report via QR SOR code on poster campaign

Over the past couple of months, we have awarded prizes to Daniel Mitchell from Dornan’s and John Fox from Dornan/Modubuild who pointed out a potential electrical hazard on site and helped with Traffic Marshall management respectively. Dub Campus Project Lead Garry Dryburgh presented both contractors with a voucher to show the appreciation for notifying and helping our management team.

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