MiCiM Volunteers at New Beginnings in Reading

Last week a few of our team took time out of their busy day to volunteer at a local homeless and food bank charity ‘New Beginnings‘.

New Beginnings is a lifeline to those in need, their aim is to prevent and relieve poverty and financial hardship for people in Reading and the Greater Berkshire area who are in need due to social or economic reasons, regardless of their religion or belief.

They offer support by providing clothing, food, essential items, and signposting to other support services. MiCiM offered support to the charity for the day by helping with the community fridge initiative, giving those in need options for basic needs for a meal or two that week, and offering much-needed refreshments for the day. We also supported them by overhauling the donated clothes to create some order in what they have available to offer to those in need.

At MiCiM we understand the need to help charities as part of our corporate social responsibility, however, from a personal perspective it was extremely eye-opening to see how important charities like New Beginnings are to the local community and further afield especially in a time where the cost of living is astronomical.

MiCiM will continually look to support this charity with food bank donations and other support where possible.

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