Our Services: Procurement Advice & Management

Once a robust budget and design solution has been developed the next important key to successfully delivering a project is selecting and procuring the works and selecting the most suitable contractor via the most appropriate procurement route for the project and Client.

Our motto for successful procurement is “Buy it once and buy it right”

MiCiM provide strategic procurement advice and management of the procurement process, we are experienced in all forms of contracts and developing a project team agreed project procurement strategy which recognises the key project drivers, objectives and considers the various selection criteria for selecting the most ideal strategy and procurement process.

Each project tends to be unique by nature and different emphasis is placed on the selection criteria, depending on the context within which the project is developed and to be delivered.

A procurement workshop will establish the Client’s drivers, objectives and prioritise the selection criteria; consider the types of contractual arrangements and liabilities for the design and construction of the project resulting in all procurement and contract options being considered resulting in an agreed procurement strategy and report to be followed by all concerned.

MiCiM will lead the project team in the preparation, compilation and issuing of the tender documents for the construction works to an agreed selection of suitable contractors (and ideally under a competitive tender process), we will manage the tender process including analysis and final negotiation of tenders received and the team’s recommendation of contractor appointment. Their formal appointment and compilation and issue of the contract documents and mobilisation of the appointed contractor to promptly commence works on site as planned.

The key issue to successful procurement is for the contractor to fully understand the nature of the works and the constraints within which he must operate, so he may submit a transparent, compliant  and accurate tender price and proposal for undertaking the project.

We will ensure the tender documents define these constraints within which the contractor shall carry out the construction works. By engaging with the Client and design team we will be able to clearly define the requirements of the project with regard to contract obligations, risk allocation and how the contractor will operate on a day-to-day basis.

By clearly defining the constraints and requirements to the contractor at tender stage, the contractor’s increased understanding of the project will allow them to accurately price the works, giving the client greater transparency and therefore confidence in their tender pricing.

To find out more about this service or any of our other services, please email enquiries@micim.co.uk

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