PieCiM Turns One!

Our canteen ‘PieCiM’ has just celebrated its first birthday on the Hyperscale DC project in Ireland. PieCiM serves hundreds of people every day, offering a huge variety of food and drinks, it has been running throughout the pandemic period for all the key workers to access a safe space to eat, drink and take well deserved breaks from work.

To celebrate this milestone, Stacey Maguire, PieCiM’s Canteen Manager and her team offered free ice creams to all the contractors working across the hyperscale project; she said, ‘We had an absolute ball today with the builders and their free ice cream. I have done loads of these types of pop ups in the past, but the builders are by far the best customers, they’re so grateful and well humoured.’

We like to be able to show our appreciation for all the hard work and dedication to completing the project. And thank you to Stacey and the team for putting on this event for everyone to enjoy!

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