Sophia joins MiCiM board as Technical Director

Following our recent news about MiCiM acquiring Operational Intelligence, we are delighted to announce the appointment of MiCiM’s first female board director, with Sophia leading the charge for women in construction, being an award-winning mission critical engineer, she has forged her name in the industry and stands as a role model for young, future engineers. Sophia is a chartered mechanical engineer who has worked internationally with a variety of different data centre clients and co-authored a number of white papers on data centre energy efficiency, sustainability, risk and operational optimisation.

Sophia joins MiCiM as Technical Director, we managed to speak with Sophia to talk about her career, goals and how she sees the industry changing in the future, read her thoughts below:


Tell us a bit about your career and what you’re bringing to your new role:


I’m a chartered mechanical engineer and have been working with data centres since 2004.  My experience includes consultancy, commissioning, training and secondments in ops teams, working with a range of clients in the UK and overseas.  Our focus at OI is on operational optimisation and the human element; I’m bringing this perspective to the MiCiM team.


You have a highly pressurised career – what would you say are the key strengths you bring to a team?


Being organised, listening, supporting others.


What are the main challenges in the Mission Critical sector?


The skills shortage at all levels puts pressures on businesses in the mission critical sector.  Rapid growth is also using up resources such as power, energy and materials and resulting in increasing emissions….this cannot continue.


What kind of skills does one need to have to enable a career in the Mission Critical sector?


Curiosity, motivation, flexibility and the ability to communicate with a range of stakeholders.


Thinking about sustainability, what areas of change will you look to bring in with MiCiM?


Building on the awareness and actions which are already in place to make a tangible impact and influence others through leadership.  It is now a business imperative for the whole supply chain.


How did the acquisition come about?


OI and MiCiM have worked together on several projects and when catching-up and reflecting on the future the idea was suggested.  Both companies have the same values and provide complementary services so it’s a good fit.


Are there any skill/formulae/tech you learned in your formative years you still utilise today?


There’s a few…the fundamentals of physics haven’t changed and all the experience I’ve gained over the years layers onto this.  Learning is a continuous process which never finishes.


What is the main USP for the MiCiM / OI merger?


A team that understands and delivers throughout the project lifecycle.


What are you looking forward to the most about working with the MiCiM team?


New opportunities to collaborate and make a difference.


After a busy working week, what do you do in your down time?


Gardening, yoga, reading…the usual.



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