“Spotlight” on Val Robson

We are delighted to announce the appointment of our newest member of staff, Val Robson. Val joins MiCiM as Business Development Manager and with extensive experience in the sector, we are thrilled to have her in our team.

What does your role in the MiCiM team involve?

As Business Development Manager, I am responsible for working with the Senior Management Team to build the MiCiM brand through developing and maintaining relationships in the industry. With a background in the structured cabling sector, part of my remit will also be to talk about MiCiM’s expansion in the IT data centre / mission critical market.

Tell us a bit about your background in the industry.

I have over 24 years in the industry with much of my career working for structured cabling manufacturers and installers. One of my earlier roles was a marketing and communication manager which then developed into a business development role. And the rest was history. I’ve worked for companies such as NORDX/CDT, Molex, LMG and most recently Blackbox.

Are there any particular highlights in your career that stand out?

I have worked across many business sectors and have been involved in securing some high profile projects; growing and developing the Middle East business for NORDX/CDT was a very challenging and exciting time and being part of the bid team securing a Framework at Gatwick Airport for LMG, was also one of the most prestigious.

What do you enjoy most about working with MiCiM?

I have known the four directors for many years and I love their approach. They are honest, straightforward and passionate about delivering a quality service to clients – it makes it a much easier sell in an industry that is all about relationships and quality.

MiCiM are passionate about getting young people involved in the industry. It’s also important for young people to understand that there are many different roles within the construction industry – they are not all site based. What skills do you think young people would need to do well at your role and in the wider industry?

It’s a people business. You’ve got to be able to develop good relationships with the people you work with and then work hard to maintain them. This doesn’t mean that you need to be the loudest, most outgoing extrovert, it means taking an interest in other people and how you can work together. Other important skills are the ability to be organised and keep track of potential projects and who is involved where. Following through with what you discuss is key.

What do you do in your down time? Do you try and avoid seeing any more people after a busy week of networking?

Not at all. My husband and I love to travel and we love to entertain so we always have friends or family visiting. My grandson, who lives with us, also keeps us very busy – in between school and the many activities 7 year olds seem to have – things are on the go. We wouldn’t have it any other way.



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