Work Experience

MiCiM is always keen to promote careers in the construction industry to young people as we know how important it is for the future of the industry. On that note, we were delighted to have Jake Avis (the son of MiCiM’s commissioning manager, Steve Avis), a Sixth Form student, join us as part of his work experience requirement. Jake spent a few days with one of MiCiM’s Construction Managers, Albert Meta who went to great lengths to give Jake an insight into how rewarding a career in construction can be.

Jake had this to say about his time on site: “My time with MiCiM allowed me to understand the huge importance that teamwork and cohesion has in the workplace. It felt great to get hands on experience in the real working world. A big thanks to Albert and the MiCiM team for the time and opportunity.”

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