MiCiM FIR Ambassadors

We are always looking for ways to make our working environment more inclusive, diverse and sustainable. Having recently become a member of the Supply Chain School of Sustainability, a couple of our employees; Alison Newell and Siân Straw, undertook the FIR ambassador training.

The Fairness, Inclusion and Respect (FIR) programme is an industry-wide initiative that aims to make workplaces better for everyone. The initiative helps to support businesses to be more innovative and profitable by addressing workplace culture challenges. The training empowers our people to make our workplace more supportive for all.

By promoting a culture of fairness, inclusion and respect, the scheme brings many business benefits including attracting and recruiting new talent, training and retaining skills for our workforce in order to address the industry-wide skills shortage and helps us to fully embrace our mission statement; ‘We will be collaborative, open, honest and fair.’

MiCiM will continue to utilise the skills learned through the FIR training by inspiring others to join the programme, sharing knowledge and resources by engaging with the scheme fully. Which will enable us to make positive changes to the way work every day.




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